Accepted papers

The following papers have been accepted at SEFM 2023. The indicated artifact badges follow the EAPLS badging scheme.

authors title badge
Diego Marmsoler and Billy Thornton SSCalc - A Calculus for Solidity Smart Contracts Functional badge Available badge
Mojtaba Eshghie, Wolfgang Ahrendt, Cyrille Valentin Artho, Thomas Hildebrandt and Gerardo Schneider Capturing Smart Contract Design with DCR Graphs  
Quentin Nivon and Gwen Salaün Refactoring of Multi-Instance BPMN Processes with Time and Resources  
Jan Haltermann, Marie-Christine Jakobs, Cedric Richter and Heike Wehrheim Ranged Program Analysis via Instrumentation Reusable badge Available badge
Florian Dyck, Cedric Richter and Heike Wehrheim Robustness Testing of Software Verifiers Reusable badge Available badge
Mikhail Semenyuk, Mark Batty and Brijesh Dongol Verifying Read-Copy Update under RC11 Reusable badge Available badge
Nicola Thoben, Jan Haltermann and Heike Wehrheim Timeout Prediction for Software Analyses Functional badge Available badge
Sarah Sallinger, Georg Weissenbacher and Florian Zuleger A Formalization of Heisenbugs and Their Causes  
Stefano Nicoletti, Milan Lopuhaä-Zwakenberg, Ernst Moritz Hahn and Marielle Stoelinga ATM: a Logic for Quantitative Security Properties on Attack Trees  
Sandip Ghosal, Bengt Jonsson and Philipp Ruemmer An Active Learning Approach to Synthesizing Program Contracts Functional badge Available badge
Sylvain Conchon and Alexandrina Korneva The Cubicle Fuzzy Loop : A Fuzzing-Based Extension for the Cubicle Model Checker Functional badge Available badge
Rasmus Carl Rønneberg, Raul Pardo and Andrzej Wasowski Exact and Efficient Bayesian Inference for Privacy Risk Quantification Reusable badge Available badge
Max Korn, Julián Méndez, Sascha Klüppelholz, Ricardo Langner, Christel Baier and Raimund Dachselt Interactive visualization meets probabilistic model checking Functional badge Available badge
Milan Lopuhaä-Zwakenberg and Mariëlle Stoelinga Attack time analysis in dynamic attack trees via integer linear programming  
Theo De Castro Pinto, Antoine Rollet, Grégoire Sutre and Ireneusz Tobor Guiding Symbolic Execution with A-star  
Xidan Song, Youcheng Sun, Mustafa Mustafa and Lucas Cordeiro QNNREPAIR: Scalable Quantized Neural Network Repair  
Olivia Proust and Frederic Loulergue Verified Scalable Parallel Computing with Why3 Reusable badge Available badge
Rabéa Ameur-Boulifa, Quentin Corradi, Henrio Ludovic and Madelaine Eric Refinements for Open Automata  
Derek Egolf and Stavros Tripakis Decoupled Fitness Criteria for Reactive Systems Reusable badge Available badge