Accepted papers

Verification and Testing 1
Dirk Beyer, Marian Lingsch and Martin Spiessl A Unifying Approach for Control-Flow-Based Loop Approximation
Junaid Rasheed and Michal Konečný Auto-active Verification of Floating-point Programs via Nonlinear Real Provers
Jan Haltermann and Heike Wehrheim Information Exchange between Over- and Underapproximating Software Analyses
Program Analysis
Matteo Cimini A Query Language for Language Analysis
Carlos Galindo, Jens Krinke, Josep Silva and Sergio Perez Rubio Field-Sensitive Program Slicing
Malte Mues, Falk Howar and Simon Dierl SPouT: Symbolic Path Recording during Testing - a Concolic Executor for the JVM
Verification and Testing 2
Dirk Beyer, Martin Spiessl and Sven Umbricht Cooperation between Automatic and Interactive Software Verifiers
Lukas Miedema and Clemens Grelck Strategy Switching: Smart Fault-tolerance for Weakly-hard Resource-constraint Real-time Applications
Carlos Galindo, Sergio Perez Rubio and Josep Silva A Java Program Slicer (System demo - Tool paper)
Formal Methods for Intelligent and Learning Systems
Bernhard K. Aichernig, Sandra König, Cristinel Mateis, Andrea Pferscher, Dominik Schmidt and Martin Tappler Constrained Training of Recurrent Neural Networks for Automata Learning
Yizhak Elboher, Elazar Cohen and Guy Katz Neural Network Verification using Residual Reasoning
Nathaniel Hamilton, Preston K Robinette and Taylor T Johnson Training Agents to Satisfy Timed and Untimed Signal Temporal Logic Specifications with Reinforcement Learning
Specification and Contracts
Tobias Runge, Alexander Kittelmann, Marco Servetto, Alex Potanin and Ina Schaefer Information Flow Control-by-Construction for an Object-Oriented Language
Pedro Antonino, Juliandson Ferreira, Augusto Sampaio and Bill Roscoe Specification is Law: Safe Deployment of Ethereum Smart Contracts
Namrata Jain, Kosuke Kaneko and Subodh Sharma SKLEE: A Dynamic Symbolic Analysis Tool for Ethereum Smart Contracts
Program Synthesis
Paul Kobialka, Silvia Lizeth Tapia Tarifa, Gunnar Rye Bergersen and Einar Broch Johnsen Weighted Games for User Journeys
Ioannis Stefanakos, Radu Calinescu, James Douthwaite, Jonathan Aitken and James Law Safety Controller Synthesis for a Mobile Manufacturing Cobot
Jorge Cerqueira, Alcino Cunha and Nuno Macedo Timely specification repair for Alloy 6
Temporal Logic
Bernard Serbinowski and Taylor T Johnson BehaVerify: Verifying Temporal Logic Specifications for Behavior Trees
Shizhen Yu, Yifan Dong, Jiuyang Liu, Yong Li, Zhilin Wu, David N. Jansen and Lijun Zhang CHA: Supporting SVA-like Assertions in Formal Verification of Chisel Programs
Runtime Methods
Angelo Ferrando and Vadim Malvone Runtime Verification of Autonomous Systems with Imperfect Information
Irman Faqrizal, Gwen Salaün and Yliès Falcone Runtime Enforcement of IEC 61499 Applications