The 2022 SEFM Workshops provide a highly interactive and collaborative environment for researchers and practitioners from industry and academia to discuss emerging areas of software engineering and formal methods.

The workshops below will be co-located with SEFM 2022:

FMAS' 22: Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 September 2022

Fourth Workshop on Formal Methods for Autonomous Systems is a two-day workshop that brings together researchers working on a range of techniques for the formal verification of autonomous systems, to present recent work in the area, discuss key challenges, and stimulate collaboration between autonomous systems and formal methods researchers. FMAS welcomes submissions that use formal methods to specify, model, or verify autonomous systems; in whole or in part. The workshop is especially interested in work using integrated formal methods, where multiple (formal or non-formal) methods are combined during the software engineering process.


F-IDE'22: Monday 26 September 2022

7th Workshop on Formal Integrated Development Environment aims at high levels of safety, security and also privacy standards requiring the use of formal methods to specify and develop compliant software (sub)systems. Any standard comes with an assessment process, which requires a complete documentation of the application to ease the justification of design choices and the review of code and proofs. The workshop is open to contributions on all aspects of a system development process, including specification, design, implementation, analysis and documentation. It welcomes the presentation of tools, methods, techniques and experiments.


ASYDE'22: Monday 26 September 2022

4th International Workshop on Automated and verifiable Software sYstem DEvelopment provides a forum for researchers and practitioners to propose and discuss on automated software development methods and techniques, compositional verification theories, integration architectures, flexible and dynamic composition, and automated planning mechanisms.


CIFMA'22: Tuesday 27 September 2022

4th International Workshop on Cognition: Interdisciplinary Foundations, Models and Applications aims at bring together practitioners and researchers from academia, industry and research institutions who are interested in the foundations and applications of cognition from the perspective of their areas of expertise and aim at a synergistic effort in integrating approaches from different areas; nurturing cooperation among researchers from different areas and establish concrete collaborations; and presenting formal methods to cognitive scientists as a general modelling and analysis approach, whose effectiveness goes well beyond its application to computer science and software engineering. Contributions to the workshop cover the areas of education, research and technology, either in general or with a focus on formal methods.


CoSim-CPS'22: Tuesday 27 September 2022

6th Workshop on Formal Co-Simulation of Cyber-Physical Systems focuses on the integrated application of formal methods and co-simulation technologies in the development of software for Cyber-Physical Systems. This workshop will give researchers and industrial practitioners a stage to demonstrate new methods and tools, present experience reports, discuss open challenges, and explore ideas for future development of frameworks integrating formal methods and co-simulation. Contributions are welcome on all aspects of system development, including specification, design, analysis, implementation and documentation of software for Cyber-Physical Systems.


AI4EA'22: Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 September 2022

The aim of the first Berlin Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Applications (AI4EA) is on the one hand to present AI-based solutions to industrial problems. On the other hand, the workshop explicitly focuses on the transfer of knowledge from research to industry. AI4EA offers both scientists and users a platform to discuss and publish their ideas, results and problems.